Monday, July 1, 2013

Pizzmeister's Special Project: Project Used Monster Truck 2.0

Well, this is going to be a post in the Pizzmeister's own words.

As a reward for some awesome behavior and to teach him that second hand items are just as cool as brand new stuff, we bought a used Traxxas Stampede XL-5 and spent the last week or so fixing it up and installing new parts.

He seems quite smitten with it.

Here's what he has to say about it:

LOOK!!!  It's a Monster!!! Oh no!

Don't Worry! 

It's not a real monster.  It's mine monster truck.

I love mine new truck!

It's way way fast and way strong, but his body is old and sore.

I like hims beat up body.  That's who he is, mine monster truck.

He jumps really high and does wheelies!

"Hey buddy, did you have to fix him up?" I ask

"Yes." Pizzmeister's reply.

"What did you fix?" I ask

"Monster truck was angry because he wanted monster truck tires!"

"Did you do anything else to him besides new tires?" I ask.

"Yes!  We gives him new bounce and new wheelies and new bashers and new bumps! Mine new monster truck is all better and not angry.  He's happy! He's a real monster truck not a toy monster truck. He likes to jump and go way fast!"

Ok there it is.  The Pizzmeister's take on his new truck.

Oh, to translate for you on the pieces we added and replaced bouncers are shocks, wheelies is a wheelie bar, bashers are skid plates, and bumps is a new bumper.  We added a few other things to it, but there's no need to put it all down since I don't rightly know what everything is called.  

I know.  Lame!

I was going to replace the body that came with it, but the Pizzmeister is adamant that he likes the one it has and won't hear of changing it.

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