About Project Montser truck

From Google images: This is what the truck looked like
Well, Project Monster Truck is an on going exercise of imagination where the Pizzmeister is at the controls.

He decides what to add or subtract, except for the bigger motors. I am adding those as a special surprise.  :o)  But, other than that, I am just the guy that helps to make his ideas happen since Pizzly is only 3 and not allowed to use most of the tools needed yet.

Anyway, this ongoing project started out Christmas day 2012 when he woke and found that Santa brought him a totally rocking monster truck.

I could see the wheels turning in the Pizzmeister's head just thinking of all the possibilities, but he didn't vocalize them until a few days later.

No, he wasn't being shy.  He was waiting for the perfect time to start.

Fortunately, and unfortunately, that opportunity arrived about 2 weeks after Christmas when his beloved monster truck broke the first time.

Although this was a sad event, it was also the perfect time to get his creative juices flowing, and the boy convinced me to tear apart his truck and fix it.  And, while I was at it he told me he wanted about the changes he wanted to make.

Ever since that day, he hasn't stopped.  New ideas come to him and we work at making them happen.

Here are photos of the progression.
First tranformation.  Transforming truck into a Dodge Charger
rock Crawler

Need some new color on the charger

maybe need a tuck body too.  Couldn't decide which is best
so we made it so he could do quick changes to fit his mood.

It snowed, so we naturally needed a plow

Snowed a little more so we needed a bigger plow

Latest project: We need a trailer to pull around our new truck
A few finishing touches and we should be all set.

More photos to come as the experiments continues.

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