Thursday, March 21, 2013

From Monster To Epic

Well, the Pizzmeister has been kind of sad the last few days.  We had to call a halt to project Monster Truck for economical reasons, but we at least had one good last run with it before it decided it was time to retire, and we didn't even take any photos or videos because neither the Pizzmeister nor I had any clue what it had planned.

Here's what happened:

A week or so ago we took it out mud bogging and pond jumping, and it was working really well.  We were having a blast, but after we got it home and dried out we couldn't wake the Monster up again.  So, we performed emergency circuit board surgery since we had two boards that we could use to replace the defunct one.

The first board went in in a snap.  Pizzly was happy, I was happy, and Monster Truck was happy and full of pep...for a  moment.  Soon after he was up and running again, we noticed that there was some evil blue smoke coming from under his lid.  

You guessed it...the new circuit board fried.  The electronic speed control failed and caught fire.


So, on to the second and last circuit board.  Same thing happened.

Poor little Pizzmeister was so sad when his little Monster Truck project was put on hold until garage sale season when we are sure to be able to pick up parts cheap.  In fact, he was so sad he wouldn't let me take photos of the failed surgeries and carnage.  I think he said something about it not being dignified.

But, he quickly forgot all about being sad because we have a few more projects cooking up to help take his mind off of the wait to get his spirit "soaring."

If that wasn't enough of a hint here are some photos:

Yep, that's right.  The Pizzmeister and I are going to help fix up, shine up, and fly some ancient planes that Uncle Ra Ra found laying around.  How cool is this going to be?!

We are both super excited to start working on them, but it is going to be awhile for a project update.  We first need to map out the repairs.

But wait! That's not the only project we have cooking up for this spring.  There's another one that is way cool, but we'll keep you hanging and guessing.

Oh, here's a hint because I feel bad...almost:  "Herbie" 

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