Monday, March 4, 2013

Another Project for the Monster Truck

Well, having a little plow for his truck wasn't enough.  Now, the Pizzmeister wants me to make a trailer specifically to tow his newest truck around.


Now how are we going to pull this one off?

Well, we are going to buy a cheapo napkin holder, throw some wood in it to make a bed for the trailer, and then slap wheels on it, and voila!  

The Pizzmeister has a new trailer.

Now, all we have to do is cut the feet off the napkin holder, paint the sides and stuff, and add a tail gate.

I guess that wasn't so hard, and it only cost us about 5 bucks to make so far.  

More Photos when it is completed...maybe.

Here's what the Pizzmeister has to say about it:

I like mine new trailer. It's on mine truck.  It has wheels. 

It was on my truck, but it is naughty.  It has wheels on it.  It rolled away. I had to hooked it up.

Mine monster truck loves mine trailer.  It's gotta go fast.

Daddy helped build trailer. I'm boss. I'm told daddy to build the trailer.

Those old dogs don't like mine trailer. Mine truck is scary.

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