Monday, February 18, 2013

Maisto RC Rock Crawler

I didn't take this photo.  I found it on the net somewhere
This is it.  This is the vehicle that inspired the boys and I to start up Pizzly's own little version of an RC blog.

The Pizzmeister received this toy from Santa last Christmas and immediately fell in love with it. 

It has everything a little guy who loves trucks could ask for.  It's four wheel drive, it has awesome suspension, it has great big knobby looking tires, and the batteries last for a long time.

This Maisto Rock Crawler was perfect for the boy.  

Then, we stumbled on a youtube channel called Rc Adventures, which started giving the boy ideas after the rock crawler started malfunctioning.

The first thing to go was the steering.  Then the rear motor went. 

So, after a transmitter and receiver change and a motor upgrade we were ready to rock again. (We did both repairs using spare parts from other vehicles we either had or Grammy and Grampy had, so  we just switched out the original crawler's receiver and put in one from another broken car, and we replaced the motors with ones that were a little bigger but still fit in the housings.  I think they are 180s)

But, after that was done, the Pizzmeister wasn't quite satisfied.  There was just something missing, and then he figured it out.  The body of the truck was all wrong.

So, we replaced it with this one.

But, this old dodge body didn't have enough flare for the little man.

That's when he got the idea to paint it.

We used water soluble paint so he could change it back
whenever he wanted
Now, it has flare.

Maybe, it has too much flare.  You can't be driving around with that much pizzazz everyday.  Sometimes, you have to tone it down a little bit, but Pizzly didn't want to go back to the original body.

That was too toned down.

So, he decided to that this one would do nicely for his calm trucking days.

It's still flashy, but not as flashy as his yellow and pink monster.

Hmm...what to do with it now?

I guess we will have to wait and see what the Pizzmeister comes up with.

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