Monday, February 18, 2013

Project Monster Truck

This is mainly from a three year old's perspective and in his words.  I am just writing it down for him.

Note from Dad: Well, the Pizzmeister told me this Morning that he had to work on his blog while I napped today, which got me thinking.  

Why not add a page to my existing blog all about the boy?

I know. Most all of Just a Dizzy Dad is all about the boy and our newbie, Two-zy, but this is a bit different.  This page will be more about what Pizzles wants to say and do, and it will be more like an online journal format, which means we have some back filling to do because he wants to write about his monster truck that Santa brought him.

Well, let's get  to it!

(Most of this will be in the Pizzmeister's words.  I will try not to edit it too much because the point is to let him have as much control over the content as he can.)

December 2012 in Project Monster truck: The Beginning

Santa brought this truck to me, and I love it very hard. I know all about trucks.  

This truck is way cool!

This truck is a ghost monster.  It likes to crawl on pillows and brother.

I like it chase me, and I catch it then I jump and make daddy drives it.

It's way fast!

I do love mine monster truck.

January in Project Monster Truck:  Fix it Up!

Monster Truck broke and me am sad. It really did work, but then it died.

It really did die in the house.

I helped daddy fix it all up.

It drives in snow.  Monster truck makes me happy.

I water proof it in mine house.  

Monster Truck likes snow.  I can hug it and kiss it in snow.

February in Project Monster truck:  Make it Better

Monster Truck Died one more time.  This make me sad, but we did fix it all up.

Pizzmeister browsing online for parts
Needed new Parts.

We fixed it.  I helped.

I liked orange monster truck best.  It was my idea to make it orange.

Daddy did it.

I maked it yellow too.

I painted it, and daddy helped paint it.

I don't like painting mine monster truck.

I do have a red monster truck, but I like to get a flashlight one.  

I like my head light truck. 

Daddy must light mine truck.

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